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CALL FOR ART! Erato Eros Submission Fee: Due Jan 7

$15.00 USD

This is your submission fee for your entry to the our March 2022 show on Love 

Be sure the email you make this purchase with matches the email you submit with!


Submission Deadline for March Show is Jan 7

  • First Pay your submission fee (here) you are here now ;)

  • Use the email you made your purchase with (we will match these to verify fee has been paid)

  • Send us an email  with the subject line: Eros and Erato submission 

  • Attach to the email a  google folder (shared with gallery mystes) with 1-6 pieces..  Name the folder your first and last name and your email address.

  • (Folder name example: just use an a for the @ )

     Name each individual file the title of the piece of work and its dimensions

     (For visual art example ErosandPsychereunite30inby40inby2in.jpg ). 

    If you are submitting works with images of others you MUST obtain a release form from your models prior to submission verifying that they are over 18 years of age and consent to their image being used in your work.  Upload the release with your submission. Any submissions that do not follow this guideline WILL NOT be considered.

    ( For Poetry or Story put in a google doc and title ErosandPsychereunite )

    If you have a performance submission send us a written detailed description of your performance, how much time it requires, and how much physical space you will need to perform.  Title the file the same you would a story or poem. 

    Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

    In your submission email please answer the following questions:  (you can copy and paste directly into your submission email)

    1.What is your love for love story, how have you come to love love?

    2.How are the pieces you submitted a medicine for love? For humans? For earth?

    3.What is your favorite love story and how come? It can be one experienced or read/watched/heard.

  • If your work is selected for the March show you will hear from us in mid-february.

  • Please keep in mind Artists are responsible for transportation of their work too and from Gallery Mystes in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State.

  • Feel free to pass this on to your art friends <3

  • We will ask artists to be present for their respective openings, but it is not required.

    Given the fluctuating nature of the pandemic we may have to cancel or move the dates of the show openings. Please be flexible with us in this time of great collective challenge and change. 

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