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For Artist Submissions 

Please follow these directions 

Step 1- Use the Contact form to connect to us ( at top of message write ARTIST SUBMISSION) 

Include the following information in the initial contact.

 1. Name and City, State ( if applicable), and Country  where you live

2.Preferred Medium or Mediums

3. What Calls you to joining Gallery Mystes? 

4. At Mystes We are dedicated to showing and cultivating Art as "symbolic medicine"  How is your Art Medicine? How does it heal yourself or others? 

Step 2- We will email you back with our Code of Conduct. If this Code resonates with you,  reply to the email thread with a Digital Portfolio in the following formats- A Website, A Google Folder, or a PDF. Be sure that these include Titles- Sizes -Mediums- And high quality photos of your work. 

Step 3- If these directions are followed you will hear from us no matter our decision within 3 weeks of submission.

PLEASE NOTE- No matter how good or amazing your work is you WILL NOT hear from us if submissions come in other forms.

We Love We honor and Respect You!

Please Honor and Respect Us by following these instructions to submit your art!

1 (360) 298 6730 | info@gallerymystes.com | 100 Front Street, Suite #28

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